Continuity and predictability

Continuity and predictability is crucial in the world we live in today.  Last night, I watched the Kennedy Center Honors which were recorded several weeks ago.  Nothing about the show is a surprise.  Especially when you watch with veterans like me or my sister.  This year, JAS and I watched and were sending one another instant messages throughout, unless something is really good and then we pay attention to the show.  We make the same comments that our grandmother would have made.

“Couldn’t he have shaved?”  “Do you think their mother knows they’re wearing that?”

We are so in tune with the show after so many years we can predict which person will be honored next and this year, were even able to predict how they would do it and who might perform.  This year, we were pretty much right on.  We knew Matthew Broderick was coming on stage for Mel Brooks, we predicted gospel choir and large multi-racial choral groups for the final honoree, obviously Bruce Springstein.  We often complain when the opera stars don’t get enough stage time, which happened again this year, because rock and roll probably gets higher ratings than the immensely talented people performing arias.  This frustrates us to no end, though we still enjoy all of the performances.

JAS is known to cry.  This year proved no different.

See, the beauty of this award show is it is that predictable.  That being a loyal viewer (I even remember one year sitting in a luxury box at the Target Center during a Timberwolves game and watching, this was before they were good) can lend itself to some measure of consistency, at least in an award show that is taped and aired at the end of the calendar year.

NB~JAS named this post and wrote the first line last night at the end of the show.

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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2 Responses to Continuity and predictability

  1. Jessica Steinman says:

    This JAS sounds like a genius and should be the new producer of the Kennedy Center Honors, anyone have Caroline’s digits???

  2. Ms. Jessica A. Steinman, when you get a Kennedy Center Honor, just remember how much better it will be if I am sitting behind you. Is Caroline still working for the NY Board of Ed? You might be able to reach her there. I’m surprised she’s not a client.

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