I’m going to lose sleep

The game is today, Team USA vs. Team Canada in men’s hockey.  Okay.  I’m being facetious.  This is not something that I would lose sleep over, though I am sure that many people I know will be cheering quite loudly and explicatives will be pouring out of their mouths should their team not be victorious.

Do you like hockey?  I have to say, going to hockey games live is really fun.  The game is fast paced and the fans are hilarious.  My high school hockey team was really good (go Zephyrs!) and they played in the state tournament and it was fantastic.

I am honoured to say that I have even been to a Toronto Maple Leafs game and have experienced the agony of being a Leafs fan.  For you see, the Leafs had twice as many shots on goal and ‘logically’ should have won the game.  Unfortunately, being a Leafs fan has no logic and they were defeated by the Oilers.

I will not reveal with whom my allegiances lie for this game today, I just hope the best team wins!

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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1 Response to I’m going to lose sleep

  1. Richard says:

    Tonight my allegiance is to my PVR so that I can watch the game when I get home tonight.

    Nationalism plays a major role tonight but we are an inclusive congregation so even if you opt to root for your roots, you are still ok in my book.

    Now… When the Leafs play the Canadians…. I pray for what I prayed for in my marriage…. a tie.


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