Happy Mother’s Day … or not

Happy mother’s day to my amazing mom!  My sister and I are incredibly blessed with a mother.  She’s funny, creative, a great cook, compassionate, kind, a survivor, and super cute!  See…I happen to know that it is never a good idea to forget about mother’s day in my household.  Sure there have been years that my mom claims, “Don’t get me anything.”  My dad, sister and I know better.  Even in those years cards are expected and the gift she didn’t want or need bring a smile to her face.

I will admit, I have mixed feelings about mother’s day.  It seems that it is a great idea to honor people who are so important in our lives, but what about all of those women who are not mothers for whatever reason?  Are these women not worthy of acknowledging?

Then I read this piece by Anne Lamott.  For those who don’t want to link through, she says that she hates mothers day because it is a celebration of the lie that women with children are more important than those without.  I am still ruminating about this one, I have to say.

And of course, because social inequalities in our cities and across the world is never too far from my mind, there’s the Nick Kristof column from this morning’s New York Times.  It is pretty obvious the problems of the commercialization or the Hallmark-ization of this “holiday.”

So much to think about on a Sunday morning.  What do you think about this whole mother’s day thing blogosphere?

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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2 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day … or not

  1. Auntie D. says:

    Good morning! Interesting thoughts.

    Mother’s Day is not about women with children being more important than those who choose to not have children. Every one of us has a Mother. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a day to say “thank you.” I know I miss my Mom every day. Every day. She shaped me and gave me more than I ever realized until she was gone. So today, I focus on her, thank her and pray for her.

    I would hope that the negative types out there (like the pieces you linked) would take a breath and practice tolerance. This “holiday” isn’t meant to hurt anybody – it’s about reminding us of those who sacrificed to give us life.

    (And YOUR Mom is amazing, I agree!)

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. xo

  2. Richard says:

    Bravo to Auntie D for hitting the nail right on the head. Raising 3 somewhat rebellious boys, having come from a home of sisters was, to say the least, interesting. I guess she got even by all the boys having at least 2 children that are young ladies. My mom is a woman of valour and I tell her so ALMOST every day. The unrelenting love, life skills and life lessons that we all now use and share with our “Angels” proves it.

    Remember that June 20 is coming soon too! Father’s ain’t too bad either.

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