Want a cup of joe?

Coffee beans growing in Hawai'i

If you come to my office at TS, you might notice that I have a Keurig K-Cup coffee machine on my desk.  Moving this machine from my home to my office has dramatically decreased the number of stops I might make on my way to or from the office for coffee.  Yes, I’m saving money.  Yes, I’m being a bit more environmentally conscious.

My beloved k-cups (which I buy in boxes of 50 from Costco and only purchase fair-trade I might add), do cause me concern.  I realize that I’m producing a bit of waste because of the one-time use of these cups.  (I should note that when I was using this machine at home, I most often used this reusable filter).  In my office, however, coffee grounds, and the reusable filter did not seem like a practical option.

Then I read this article about how Green Mountain Coffee (where I used to buy my k-cups when living in the country to the south) is trying to make the packaging on the k-cups more green.  Thank you Green Mountain Coffee for helping to ease my guilty conscience a bit.

If you would like a cup of coffee, feel free to stop by!

PS – You’re only getting fair trade coffee, right?  Perhaps a post for another time!

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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