I love my mommy!

Yes, I’m a grown up and I love my mommy and am not embarrassed to tell the world!

Today is MOM’s birthday!  Hooray.  In honor of it being the 24th of August, here are 24 of the billions of things I love about her.

1.  She has a wonderful smile

2.  As far as mom’s go, she is top-notch

3.  You think you know strong women? My mom is the strongest woman I know.

4.  She’s a cancer survivor (aka she kicked cancer in the butt).  And she didn’t get annoyed when I would sing the theme song from Rocky every time another chemo treatment was over.

5.  Have you noticed a nice sweater DAD, THE DIVA or I were wearing?  She probably knit it.

6.  Some people have mom’s that are great bakers.  Sure she probably could if she wanted to, however my mom is a fantastic cook.  She makes the best tomato sauce in the world

7.  When we’re walking somewhere together, we hold hands

8.  She can touch the tip of her tongue to the tip of her nose

9.  When playing any type of trivia game, you absolutely want her on your team (she always knows the answers to pink Trivial Pursuit questions!)

10.  She rocks at name that tune

11.  She would sing a song that her mom wrote to THE DIVA and I when we were little

12.  She has really cool glasses

13.  Her laugh is infectious

14.  Though I’m five inches taller than she is, her hands are bigger than mine.

15.  She makes the very best matzoh ball soup on the planet

16.  When THE DIVA and I were little, we had season tickets to the theater

17.  Need someone to listen to you?  Call my mother

18.  She is really good at Scrabble.  Really good.  Do not play for money against her

19.  This woman knows how to have a good time

20.  She likes to throw parties and entertain

21.  She has a generous spirit

22. My mom gives really good back scratches (right BIRTHDAY BUDDY?)

23.  When my mom was in high school she was in a production of “Where’s Charlie.”  We have a record of her singing.  That’s right.  My mom. On a record.

24.  She’s with it.  All of a sudden the woman likes everything THE DIVA and I do on facebook!

Happy birthday to the best mother I’ve ever had.  I love you VERY much!

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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1 Response to I love my mommy!

  1. Auntie D. says:

    She also makes the best latkes in the world!

    This is a beautiful tribute, Ellie. I would put money on her having tears after reading it. 😉 xo

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