The case of the missing prayer book

This is the season of confession, so here goes…

My Gates of Repentance (GOR) is missing.  It has been missing since last year when I figured that I forgot to bring it to my office at the end of Yom Kippur and it got picked up by the most fabulous, diligent maintenance staff and they put it in the boxes with the thousands that TS owns and puts out every holidays.

I should mention that this is not just any GOR.  It is the GOR that I was given on June 20, 1992 for my Bat Mitzvah.  It has a lovely book-plate inside that indicates such.  Also, it has my copious pencil writing throughout that indicate the cues for the services on both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Oh and did I mention it has my name ALL OVER IT?

I made a desperate plea at Rosh Hashanah services for it to be returned.  The staff at TS has been looking for it as they put out the prayer books for the holy days.  No one can find my GOR.

Can you help?  Have you seen my GOR?  I would really really really like it back.  Please?

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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