I love my Dad!

Happy birthday to the best father I’ve ever had (yes he’s the only one, too).  In honor of your birthday, I’m going to write a list of 29 reasons I love you!  (Why anyone in my family couldn’t be born at the beginning of a month is beyond me!)

1.  You like to spontaneously call in the middle of the day just to say ‘hi’.

2.  You are a devoted father and ensured that THE DIVA and I were independent women and knew how to do things like fix toilets and check the oil.

3.  You are really good and researching purchases (specifically electronics) and ensuring that you get the device you really want.  I make no comment about using said devices.

4.  When I was little (we’re talking really little) you used to take me on dates and not get mad when I would eat only the cucumber out of a cucumber roll.

5.  You think you’re really funny.  Sometimes you are.

6.  You’ve become a professional volunteer in your retirement, a reminder to everyone that perhaps the real reason to work is to be able to retired and give back to community.

7.  We are both left-handed ensuring equality at our family dinner table.

8.  You are always concerned there will be something on the menu for me to eat.

9.  You are immensely talented and creative.  Your latest foray into the world of ceramics is a testament to this!

10.  No one can worry as effectively as you.

11.  You LOVE to read and always know a good book.

12.  Though I did not attend a university with a football team, you ensured that I know who to root for at all times.  Fight on USC!

13.  Once, THE DIVA and I found your secret stash of candy and we hid it from you.  You didn’t get ‘mad’ and you never got even 🙂

14.  No one can pretend to detract squirrels from a bird feeder as effectively as you.

15.  There is not a coat that exists in the world that you don’t want to own (yes this man has more coats than anyone I have ever met).

16.  You are really good with children and they flock to be around you.

17.  We used to make the best chocolate chip cookies together (this was long ago) and you made sure that THE DIVA and I got equal parts of the batter.

18.  You have exceptional taste.

19.  You are an excellent nurse.  I know it from when I had my ACL replacement.

20.  You are the king of schmoozing.

21.  You are really good at driving the speed limit.

22.  True story: “I went to see _____ movie.  I couldn’t figure out why it was so dark.  When the movie was over.  I realized I still had my sunglasses on.”  Hilarious!

23.  You are really good at trivial pursuit.  Really any game that requires lots of knowledge about random things.   You passed this skill on to me.

24.  You lived in Japan for a year.  This is cool because it meant we were eating sushi before it was trendy, and you can spy on Japanese people and tell us what they’re saying.

25.  You really like getting your back scratched and shoulders rubbed.

26.  In 1984 you took me to the Olympics in Los Angeles to see women’s team finals.  You got to see lots of other cool things, too.

27.  You’re fun to go on a road trip with, especially when you spring for massages.

28.  You wrote me my very own lullaby.

29.  Since later today it will also be Shabbat, I am comfortable telling the world that you created the phrase “Shabbat Salami.”

So Shabbat Salami, Dad!  I love you!

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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2 Responses to I love my Dad!

  1. Auntie D. says:

    Beautiful 🙂 So many things I see in there are family traits. In a good way. xo

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