Summer all year long

For today’s Chanukah giving suggestion I didn’t have to think very hard (which is good because I got a flu shot and have a bit of a headache).  Sitting in my office in cold, blustery Toronto with the snow on the ground it doesn’t take much to turn my thoughts to summer and summer means camp.  Many of you, dear readers, might have your favorite Jewish summer camp.  Send them a donation!

The Union for Reform Judaism has an awesome camping system.  You can select your favorite camp or Israel program to make a donation to, or you can take my suggestion and give to my favorite URJ camp (they are really all my  favorite, I just get to spend loads more time at this one), Camp George, aka my Northern summer office.

If you like the idea of Jewish camp and don’t have a particular favorite, check out The Foundation for Jewish Camp.  They do great work supporting all different types of Jewish camping.

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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2 Responses to Summer all year long

  1. Rabbi Hillel Cohn says:

    Always good to promote camp. Let me add another thought: Grandparents should think seriously about giving their grandkids a “summer at camp” gift for Chanukah. We have been doing that for years for our grandkids. We always give them a “certificate” entitling them to register for camp at a sessio of their own choosing. We did this for years for Jeremy (Swig.Newman), are still doing it for Adam who in 2011 will be a CIT (Newman) and have been doing it for Sarah and leah (Gindling Hilltop) since they were old enough to go to camp. It’s a bit expensive to send three or four kids to camp but worth every penny. It’s the best give we could give and that they could receive. It would be nice if the URJ camps developed “Gift Certificates” for grandparents to give. I have suggested it but received no response.

  2. Avi Orlow says:

    I am a big fan of Camp George- I thought you might enjoy this-Chag Sameakh- Avi

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