Pardon me, is that a prayerbook on your iPad?

The Central Conference of American Rabbis released the first iPad app for the movement siddur (prayer book), Mishkan T’filah. The app is available on iTunes, follow this link. Right now, only the Friday night Kabbalah Shabbat service is available. More are coming, so they say.

Yasher koach (mad props) to the CCAR, especially Rabbis Hara Person and Dan Medwin for making this happen.

I personally am really excited to have a siddur on my iPad. There are moments when I want to pray using the fixed liturgy (I can pray anytime I want using my own words and so can you). Hooray for convenience!

If you are planning on attending the URJ Biennial next week, I think this is a great place to try this technology. I am going to test it out this coming Shabbat when THE DIVA is leading services (you can message me privately if you want more information about that).

There are some others who blog about this, also. Rabbi Eger and FrumeSarah have different perspectives on what this app might mean and their own enthusiasm to use it.

I think this app is a great thing. It provides Jews with access to liturgy on the go, creates different and perhaps better accessibility options (the print can be really big!), and so much more. What do you think?

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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