A silly story on a heavy news day

There are a lot of serious news stories that beg for comment. This blog post will not do that. Instead…

I’m left-handed. While I do many things as a lefty such as write; eat, throw, kick, peel vegetables, use a knife or scissors, there are lots of things I do right-handed (no I don’t know why). For example; swing a baseball bat, swing a golf club, and play the guitar (I’m no Paul McCartney).

For Chanukah I received a Fitbit. So far, I’ve found it a useful tool to increase my own awareness of how I sleep (I can be restless) and how much I move (not enough. I’d love a treadmill desk. Donations gratefully accepted). While some of the exercise I do at the gym (bike and my preferred elliptical) do not get “counted” because my arms don’t swing, I like that I can manually add my workout routine to the Fitbit app.

Yesterday I had a good, though rushed gym workout. I added my minutes into the Fitbit app during breakfast and went about my day. When I got home after Religious School I checked the app. I doubled my activity time after the gym! While I did get to walk around quite a bit yesterday visiting classes I remained perplexed.

“How did this happen,” I thought.

And then I relaxed it. I led T’filah and played the guitar, strumming away on my non-dominant, Fitbit wearing right arm. Activity minutes found!

So if you need more activity minutes in your busy day, my recommendation is to hit the gym OR play the guitar wearing your Fitbit.

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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