Everyone’s a member!

Everyone is special in their own unique way.  It seems that if you travel a lot and spend a lot money on those tickets you are special and even for a rare few, super-duper special.  This article reports that airlines are creating extra incentives for those travelers who already fly more than 100k miles per year and are adding even more things to keep them at that status.

As a person who doesn’t travel all that often for work I guess I am one of the little people.  You know, the ones that get on the plane and fight one another for overhead bin space because the seats are so close together there is no place to put my legs.  I am the person who has their knees in the middle of your back when you recline your seat.  I can’t help it.  I have relatively long legs.  There just isn’t always somewhere for them to go.  I am not opposed to sitting in window seats, either.  I am an excellent sleeper on airplanes so sometimes this is my preferred seat.  That is, of course, until they started designing planes so that there is even less leg room at the window seat.  Now I go directly for the aisle.  If I’m traveling with someone though, I will even sit in the middle or window as long as I can use some of their leg room to stretch out.

So I don’t generally go into those elite lounges or board the plane first.  First class is a nice area to walk through as I make my way to my section of the sardine can, I mean, coach seating.  Nor do I board early in the special line with the fancy carpet laid down to indicate to everyone that I’ve made it into the ‘in-crowd.’  I am glad for my friends who have these status advantages.  A lot of them work very hard and had to endure hours of sitting like sardines in order to achieve their elite status.  I’m even glad for the people who spend so much money every year on their airline charge card that they too don’t have to be like the average joe.

The challenge is, other than death, when are the times in our lives when there can just be one way for everyone and that makes us special?  I’m sounding kind of socialist here and I don’t entirely intend to, it just seems to me that there is no more sense of contentment with a status.  One must always be moving up, attaining more, standing in the special line.  When we’re not there, we want it, and when we are there, they create the super-duper club.

Dear reader, you are invited to my club.  It only has a status of super-duper hobbity-dobbity elite.  Just for reading, you get to be a member.  There aren’t even any fees (yet)!  Welcome to the club.

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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1 Response to Everyone’s a member!

  1. Richard says:

    Thank you for allowing me to become a member of your esteemed club. As a frequent traveller, I can assure you that there no joy in Mudville when the flight crew refer to you by your first name. Moreover, the status may get you a few perks but I can paper my basement with unused upgrade certificates because I seek lower cost fares.

    Imagine the joy one gets when your cell phone rings in the middle of the night and it is one of your children asking if you could pick them up on my way home, only to remind them that I am a 16 hour flight away from them…… they forget.

    My ideal vacation is one where I can enjoy my own bed. It is more “heavenly” than those at a Westin. More “perfect” than a Sheraton and certainly WAY more comfortable than one of the cocoons they call a sleeper seat on a plane.

    I perpetually say to people that all I want is “enough”. The $64,000 question is…. What is enough?

    Perhaps we should all really enjoy what we have and seek to have what we really enjoy.

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