My sister, frequently referred to as THE DIVA is called such because she is amazingly talented.  She is smart, creative, organized, thoughtful, hard-working, dedicated, and generally all around awesome.

On Friday she officially announced that after eleven years of living in New York she is moving to Los Angeles.  She writes,

I am writing to you to let you know my big plans but also ask for your
help.  I am taking this big leap with no job lined up yet!  It is
exciting and scary.  I will be staying at my current job at Paul
Labrecque Salon and Spa until the end of October.  On Nov 4-14 I will
be going to LA to find an apt, get a car and most importantly, get a
job…  I am asking all of you for your assistance.  If you know
anyone that you could connect me with for a possible job, please let
me know or give them my information.  I am very open to many different
types of jobs and would be interested into looking at all the
opportunities that come up: Personal assistant work, management in
many fields, PR, Event planning, beauty industry, retail and more.  I
would be happy to send along my resume if necessary.

THE DIVA needs a job and I know that you can help!  So all you need to do is start thinking about who you know in Los Angeles and send me an email which I will forward to THE DIVA and she will get in touch with you and be amazingly grateful and follow-up on any leads.

There is just one thing you should know.  THE DIVA is a Yankee fan.  I know, not everyone can be perfect.  And maybe, just maybe when she spends some more time in Los Angeles she will convert to the Angels or Dodgers. Or she can remain a Yankee fan, I guess.  In the grand scheme of things this is really not that big a deal since so many people are Yankees fans.  This should not impact your decision to hire her in any way.  As I said she rocks.

Thank you for HIRING MY SISTER!

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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