The toothpaste conundrum

I have a toothpaste problem.  For years I have used Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.  I’ve tried several other natural brands and this is the one that suits me best (usually I use spearmint, on occasion cinnamint, and for a brief period, fennel).  When I moved to Canada I wasn’t sure of the availability of Tom’s so I decided to bring a few tubes with me.  When my supply was running low, I happened to be on a trip to the good ‘ol US of A and I was planning on checking a bag so I bought five tubes.  That was over a year ago.

Now I am out of my toothpaste.  One might think this isn’t a big deal.  That one would be wrong.

I went to buy more toothpaste.  I went to three stores.  Sadly, I refuse to pay 3x the price for my delightful Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.  That’s right.  Tom’s of Maine toothpaste was 3x the price of the more popular brands.  So now I am using something that was less expensive that I don’t like as much though it is clearly doing the job.

Thus ends the tale of the toothpaste conundrum.

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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3 Responses to The toothpaste conundrum

  1. urbandaddy says:

    It’s funny how one brand of toothpaste can be preferable over so many others, eh?

    I used to go between Crest and Aqua-Fresh, even tried those odd Crest flavours – I remeber they were red, orange, green and I believe white until I found the Crest Vanilla-Mint one. It’s great. Vanilla flavour, minty freshness, and left my teeth super clean… Then I saw a bunch of tubes in the clearance section and grabbed them all for like $0.25 per tube.

    Now I cannot find it anywhere and I’m on my last tube.

    In delaying the obvious, I have been using Colgate – I got a free tube from the dentist but it is not working for me in so many ways. It has no taste, yet burns my tongue, does not froth enough and by mid day I feel like I have not brushed.

    So here is your solution… Arrange a group buy from the manufacturer directly and see if you can get something like 20 cases for cost and you and all your “Friends of Tom’s toothpaste” can brush happily ever after. 🙂

  2. lana says:

    what is your preferred flavour?

    next time i got to buffalo, and i go a lot to visit my niece, i can get you some.

  3. Barb says:

    So sad for u. I’ll check the price at my health food store & get back to you.
    I feel your ….toothache. 😉

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