The hills are burning

Written before Shabbat (I don’t know if the news will change)

A terrible tragedy has befallen the Land of Israel.  A fire of unclear origins is ravaging the north of the country.  People have died, homes are ruined, and many are displaced.  There are many organizations that are responding to this tragedy, ARZA is the place I choose to give money in a crisis like this.  Fortunately, they are aware that Reform Jews live in North America in two countries and have prepared their donation site to accept funds in US or Canadian dollars.  Go here for the link.

Chanukah is a reminder of the strength of community.  (Or it’s this, I got your back Uncle H).  Wherever there is a crisis of this proportion it is incumbent upon each person to help.  Chanukah or not.

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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