Hire my sister, part 2

THE DIVA and I have a great sense of humor!

My friends, our work is not complete.  THE DIVA still does not have full-time employment in Los Angeles.  Many of you have been extremely helpful in the networking game and it is so much appreciated.  With all that has gone on in my family, THE DIVA is grateful to be able to have the time and the flexibility to do what she needs to do for herself and for the rest of us.  However, she is officially going to be a California girl in six days and she is completely amazing and worthy of work.

You can read my original post about her here.

I would like to clarify something though for everyone, especially THE DIVA.  I only call THE DIVA a diva here because my sister is immensely talented.  Like knock your socks off when you’re not even wearing socks talented. If you are lucky enough to have experienced her gift for music you know exactly what I mean.  Thereby I use the term diva as a descriptor of excellence.

Similarly, THE DIVA is also really great at what she does.  Managing people, a small business, sales, marketing, public relations, being creative and organized, pretty much she is the most awesome.

So dear reader, let’s mobilize anew and hire my sister.

(Feel free to email me or comment here and I will pass the message along promptly).

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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