Pralines ‘n cream

Yesterday would have been GRANDMA’s 92nd birthday.  When I moved back to Los Angeles in 2004 I started a new tradition where every December 18 I had GRANDMA’s favorite ice cream in her honor, Baskin Robbins Pralines ‘n cream.  (Actually her favorite ice cream was really Ralph’s kona coffee but they stopped making that years ago).

Randomly, the Baskin Robbins I went to was having trouble with their freezers and the ice cream was kinda melty.  You’d think they would want to fix this right away, right?  Apparently it was going on all week. Strange.

I think it is little things like having ice cream that would never be my first choice flavor that keep my GRANDMA’s memory alive.  What are the things that you do to remember a loved one?

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  1. Marni Katzman says:

    There are so many things that remind me of my late brother Lewis, but the one thing that really does it for me is music. He had so many favourite songs and artists, but when i really REALLY want to feel close to him, it’s ALWAYS John Lennon’s voice and ALWAYS the song ‘Imagine’.
    He used to sing that song to me, and often when i hear that tune; it’s not John’s voice i will hear, but Lewis’ voice, and that comforts me. And although tears pour unabashashadly down my face as i listen; each time as if it were the first time ever hearing it, but really, the milllionth,..i am comforted and i know he is there.<3
    When i bring my children to Florida each winter, i am surrounded by memories of my Bubby Sarah and all the things we used to do together when i was a child and would spend my winter breaks in Hallandale Florida, walking on the boardwalk, trying to keep up with her super fast paced walk, and of course…..the ice cream cones! Something about grandmothers and ice cream just seems synonomous to me. We were the loves of her life, her "best kids", NOBODY had better kids than she did and she never missed an opportunity to tell this to anyone who would listen. (they didn't have to listen, but she'd tell them regardless "Mine kids, are the BEST! You hear me?? "
    I miss them both ferociously, the memories are so sweet, and they are what keep us from falling apart when we feel overwhelmed with the loss we feel in our hearts.
    That's just me…maybe not everyone feels that way, but i find such solace in my memories and it feels right to smile through my tears<3

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