MY DAD, the veteran

MY DAD at Niagara Falls

This past Friday night we went to services to mark MY MOM’s English yahrtzeit (I will be marking the Hebrew date. More on that another time). One of the surprises of the service, besides the amazing experience of walking out of the service when I have to go to the bathroom and arriving as the opening song started, was when the veterans and parents of active duty soldiers were called to the bima. Silly me, I forgot that MY DAD served in the Army.


The officiating rabbi’s father was at the service, too. He said, “My name is Plony and I served these dates. And I’m better known as being the rabbi’s father.” MY DAD followed his cue and said, “My name is MY DAD and I served during xxxx-xxxx and my daughter is also a rabbi.” It was pretty adorable.

Way to go DAD!


Still writing for NaBloPoMo.

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