A radical change

A few weeks ago I wrote about having trouble reading. One of my awesome classmates and colleagues wisely suggested I get my eyes checked.

Since I couldn’t exactly remember the last time I had my eyes checked this seemed like a brilliant suggestion. (It was definitely when I lived in the T-Dot).

I made an appointment from a recommended ophthalmologist. I packed up my pairs of glasses (I have 2 pair) ready to have my eyes checked and anticipating some change in my prescription (and spending money on a new lenses). All the usual eye doctor things happened. I read the eye chart with each eye covered (not at the same time!). I told him of my troubles with reading of late (also acknowledging that I spend a lot of time looking at screens of various sizes) and I have dry eyes generally.

Then he shocked me.

“You don’t need glasses. At least not for distance.”

What?? I have been wearing glasses for distance since I was a senior in high school. I have taken to wearing glasses most of the time (including prescription sunglasses) and see glasses as helpful but also a fun accessory. Being me I say, “You mean I don’t have to splurge on prescription sunglasses anymore and I could just go pick up a pair anywhere?”

“Sometimes this happens with people your age,” he said.

I think he might have been able to pick my chin up off the floor.

HOWEVER (you know that was coming) he then checked my vision for reading. I need READING glasses. Of course, cheaters won’t work exactly but me and your grandma both need glasses to see best for reading. (Until they’re ready I’ve been increasing the font size on my various devices).

“It is pretty uncommon for someone your age. You might have ___________________, but it just means that you need reading glasses prematurely. Come back in a year and I will check your eyes again,” he said.

The rest of the visit was routine. My eyes were dilated and everything looks healthy.

It’s been about 5 days since the big no glasses move. It still seems like I am missing something or forgetting to put something on when I’m working. I have to say that my eyes feel better.

About rabbisteinman

I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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1 Response to A radical change

  1. mkaiserman says:

    I was told it was time for reading glasses last month. Since I worked so hard to get rid of my distance lenses 11 years ago with LASIK, I am not keen on acquiring reading glasses – I know it’s vanity, but we all spend much of our energy on vanity things.
    For now – bigger fonts. Thankfully doing most of my reading on a screen gives me that option. Let’s hope the app for Mishkan T’filah gets more sophisticated soon.

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