Dreams do come true

Fleetwood Mac is my favorite band. I always wanted to hear them in concert. Tuesday night I got to!

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham perform "Landslide"

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham perform “Landslide”

MY DAD loves to repeat the following father/daughter interaction (I think I was a senior in high school):

Me: Dad. I discovered this new band. They’re amazing.

Dad: Really?

Me: Yeah. They’ve been around for a while. They’re called Fleetwood Mac and they have this incredible album called Rumours.

Dad: (hysterically laughing for at least five minutes) So it is a new band? (More hysterical laughter)

Me: Yes. I said it was new to me. Not new. Have you ever heard of them.

Dad: (More hysterical laughter) Yes. The album is downstairs.

When MY DAD retells this conversation he continues to insert the hysterical laughter just from the memory of this conversation.

Anyway, last night I got to see Fleetwood Mac in concert and it was AMAZING.

This was the set list:

Second Hand News

The Chain

Dreams (see how clever the title of this blog post is?)

Sad Angel (new)


Not that Funny



Big Love

Neve Going Back Again


Never Going Back Again (slow)

Without You (new)


Eyes of the World

Gold Dust Woman

I’m So Afraid

Stand Back (Stevie Nicks solo album song)

Go Your Own Way

(Encore 1) Big Worlds Turning (including amazing Mick Fleetwood drum solo)

Don’t Stop

(Encore 2) Silver Spring

Say Goodbye

I told you I was a serious fan. (I’d never written down a set list from a concert while the concern was happening and now I know I never have to do so thanks to google).

They played for two and a half hours without break. Lindsey Buckingham is a phenomenal guitar player. If you’ve never seen him live, find a YouTube video or something. Mick Fleetwood and John McVie were amazing on drums and bass, respectively though I didn’t expect anything less. Stevie Nicks was good, not great. It seemed like she was having trouble hearing and sometimes lyrics were a bit off from the rest of the group. The band’s energy was awesome. I’m still singing their songs days later.

Dreams do come true.

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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4 Responses to Dreams do come true

  1. Gary Steinman says:

    And let’s not forget they had a Wall long before Facebook. Still LOL

  2. Gary Steinman says:

    Oh, I also heard a rumor they were still good. TU and of course still LOL

  3. Ron says:

    Going in July to hear them! Can’t wait. Wish Christine MacVie was still with the group for “All Over My Head” and “Little Lies”. For now “Sara” will be just fine.

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