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I hope you have been following along on twitter, her website, or other social media as Diana Nyad, as of 9am PDT, is 2 miles from the shore of Florida. She has been in the water for almost 50 hours fulfilling her dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida without a protective shark cage.

It is hard to imagine a better word to describe what, God willing, Diana Nyad will have done in a few short hours (they estimate somewhere between 2-4pm EDT). She had a goal in mind and has done countless things to pursue it. I read yesterday about the specially designed face mask she is sometimes wearing through this swim to minimize or prevent the jellyfish stings that prevented her previous attempt.

What are the lessons about intention we can learn from Diana Nyad whether or not she reaches the shore today (and I’m cheering for her!)? How will we start 5774 with those goals in mind and what are the steps that are necessary to achieve them?

Diana Nyad did it! She completed the 110 mile swim.


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