I want to go to this seder!

Chosdesh tov (Happy first of the month of Nisan). It is just a few more weeks until we will be gathered around our family’s table to tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Several weeks ago I was talking to THE DIVA and we discussed the possibility of creating a seder of libations since she is now a mixologist. One idea to compliment the seder meal was a potato vodka martini with parsley. Then I saw this, The Sipping Seder. Someone stole our idea! (Or someone had the same idea and set it into action way before we did!)

Speaking of seders. There are a lot of ways to jazz up your seder evening. Here are some of my favorite resources.

1. AJWS haggadah supplements.

2. The Religious Action Center

3. g-dcast with attached teacher’s guide.

4. The URJ has lots of good resources, too.

And then there are the things that make one wonder, “how could I ever have gone to a seder without these?”

5. Plague finger puppets.

6. The plague bag.

7. Juggling matzah balls

8. The plague masks which I used once at a community seder by handing them out to the kids and giving them the ‘surprise word’ that they were to wear the masks and run around the room 3 times. (This really got them to pay attention!)

9. A helpful suggestion for the youngest at the seder table from @rabbierin is to sing the ‘4 questions’ to your children as a lullaby before bed. This helps them to learn the words and when it comes time to sing them at the seder, they’re prepared!

10. I also never met a chocolate seder that I didn’t like.

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I am a rabbi living in North America. I was ordained from HUC-JIR. This is my blog.
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4 Responses to I want to go to this seder!

  1. Urban Daddy says:

    We’ve looked seriously at the plague bag. Problem is, by the time we get ready to put together a kid-friendly seder, it’s the night before passover so the kids are subjected to a long forced reading of the seder. I wish there was a resource – ahem – maybe a Rabbi who puts together and sells this kid friendly interactive seder DVD/download/iPhone app to teach and train the families… Pure gold, no?

  2. @urban daddy. Unfortunately a seder is only as successful as its preparation from matzoh balls to songs. There are a lot of great resources out there, including doing some paper bag dramatics for the telling of the story, etc which can certainly entertain. There’s also the new medium of powerpoint or keynote which many are using at communal seders. This could be good because if you aren’t a singer, you can build the music in and you can even show some video (nothing like a little Rugrats Passover, Prince of Egypt, or every gunslinger’s favorite, The Ten Commandments). If you wanted to talk to a rabbi about it, or maybe one of your own rabbis about it, I’m sure one of them might have some other ideas.

    Oh and if you would like to sponsor this rabbi doing the massive project you suggest, I will gladly set up the bank account so the millions can be put away.

  3. Rob Corwin says:

    Rabbi, we’re so happy you like the idea of The Sipping Seder. If you try any of our passover-inspired cocktails or have any comments on the project, please do let us know. L’chaim!

    –Rob Corwin & Danny Jacobs (authors of The Sipping Seder)

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