Tweet #Torah to the Top!

My friend and colleague Rabbi Mark Hurvitz writes the following about how YOU can help tweet Torah to the top:

how to tweet #torah to the top

The “day” of June 7, 2011 is “erev” Erev Shavuot. I suggest that we prepare as many 133 character Torah lessons as we can to “release” on that day. If you have been sharing #Torah Tweets through the year… Torah does not go bad or stale. You should feel free to “recycle” those thoughts.

I plan to begin tweeting at sundown Jerusalem time 7:42 PM on the 6th, which corresponds to June 6, 2011 at 12:42 PM. with some “announcement” tweets, as in: “This is what we are doing, please join us.”

I think this is a great way to encourage awareness of Torah. I’m sure we each have many simple “Torah thoughts” that can be expressed in 133 characters. (Don’t forget to leave room for the final space and #Torah, that’s 7 more characters.) If you think that 133 characters is not enough for a profound thought from Torah, consider that this is only 102 characters (also from “Hillel the Tweeter”):

If I am not for myself, who will be for me. if I am for myself alone, what am I. And if not now, when?

I’m sure that some of us still have  Joseph L. Baron’s “A Treasury of Jewish Quotations” which can serve as a little goldmine of tweetable thoughts.

I suggest we each prepare a number of “tweets” in advance. Set up a text file and then simply copy, and paste them into our preferred Twitter tool about once or so an hour (depending on your “capabilities” (schedule, etc.)). For those who use Twitter with your congregations, your congregants, too, can join in… either with their own thoughts, or questions about #Torah, or re-tweeting yours. Let’s get everyone involved in thinking Torah as a lead-in to Shavuot.

If you expect to be busy on June 7, you can use any of a variety of free tools that have been developed that enable you to prepare your tweets in advance:

You can learn about more, similar, tools here (they may, or may not, still be functioning).

If you are active on any listservs you think might be interested in participating, please spread the word.

Read more:

I hope to see you at Sinai!

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