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Experiment: Facebook is off of my phone

I have just returned from a week in Europe, Berlin and Prague to be precise. And while there are many wonderful things that I observed, one thing I noticed is how much less Europeans seem to be staring at their … Continue reading

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Social media and earthquakes

Carole King said it best when she sang, “I feel the earth move under my feet,” except I was asleep. Yes there was an earthquake in the Los Angeles area. Thank God, everyone is safe and there is no damage … Continue reading

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Having it all

I wrote about having it all, here. Check it out! Thanks Busy Since Birth for the opportunity.

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Home office tips needed

Welcome to my new office! That’s right I’m working from home and I need your best practices. I have already figured out that it is important to get outside during the day (no different from an office in a building). … Continue reading

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Did I act too quickly?

If you are a busy social media user like I am, you probably have an Instagram account (BTW if you are a parent of a tween or teen you probably should have one because your kid probably does, too!). You … Continue reading

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School days…

Last night I read a fascinating article (posted by someone on Facebook) in The Atlantic about the school system in Finland. As you know, this year I am studying to earn a masters in Jewish education and am doing a … Continue reading

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It should be no shock to anyone that I spend time on facebook for personal and professional reasons.  The best reason to date is that a classmate of mine from elementary school reconnected and he sent me a copy of … Continue reading

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